Tips for Working with A DWI Lawyer

Although you may not be in need of hiring a drunk driving attorney today, there may be a time in the future where you have to start researching online. We have contacted several criminal defense lawyers that specialize in drunk driving defense to get an idea of what you need to look for. Here is the breakdown of those conversations.

A DWI Lawyers Perspective on Drunk Driving Defense

DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases are usually very costly. They can result in fines, expensive court charges, incarceration, loss of work as well as losing driving privileges. If you hire a DWI attorney when facing any drunk-driving charges, you can receive minimized penalties.

One of the benefits of being represented by an attorney is the fact that the lawyer can exploit every possible loophole in the legal system. If you’re a first-time offender, the DWI lawyer will help you from your arrest all throughout the trial trying his/her level best to get the best outcome. However, if you’re a repeat offender, you can face serious incarceration, but with the help of an attorney, you can get lesser incarceration time.

DWI (also referred to as DUI- driving under the influence) is illegal and dangerous in all the states. Police offers who pull over drivers who are suspected to be operating while drunk can administer tests to determine the blood alcohol content. These tests are conducted using a breathalyzer, or in some cases, urine or blood tests are performed. Therefore, if your blood alcohol concentration is above the limit yet you’re behind the wheel, you can be charged some severe penalties.

Some of the most common DWI penalties include the following:

  • Cash payments that can amount to thousands of dollars for fines, attorney fees, court charges as well as substance abuse treatment, etc.
  • Your driving license could be suspended or revoked depending on whether you’re a repeat offender or the state you’re currently in.
  • Incarceration or community service and in some cases both.
  • Treatment and proper evaluation of alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Limitation on your driving privileges which mostly includes an ignition interlock device
  • If a person is killed or injured during a drunk-driving accident, the penalties could be jail time for murder on various degrees.

If you have been charged falsely, you should hire a DWI attorney to help you navigate the legal system accordingly and avoid the penalties altogether. DWI lawyers are experts on all the drunk-driving laws in your state. They understand everything about the charges including the penalties, the judges and also the officers involved in your case. Therefore, if you choose the right one, you’re guaranteed a better chance at your case.

Before You Settle For A DWI Attorney, Make Sure You do the following:

  • Start by asking for references. If there are people in your close circle who have been involved in DWI cases previously, you should ask them about the lawyers who presented them. If the cases were handled correctly, you could hire the same attorney to handle your case.
  • You should look for attorneys whose area of specialty is DWI. Indeed, you don’t want to hire an attorney who handles civil cases to handle your case. If the attorney is not familiar with everything regarding this specialty, you could end up receiving harsh penalties.

Finally, you should beware of attorneys who might overcharge for their services. Look for someone who is reasonable and correctly experienced in handling DWI cases to represent you in court. Look for attorneys in your area that specialize in drunk driving defense under their criminal law practice area.